Ninep Moshy

Operations Manager, Toronto, ON | 13 Year Army Reservist

“Whether you are in or out of uniform, always insist on the highest standards. Comradery and working as a team should be second nature to anything you do in life!” — Ninep Moshy

Alex Hobbs

Military Pathways, Calgary, AB | 23-Year British Army Veteran

“I am truly humbled by the value Amazon places upon military experience and grateful for the opportunity they have provided. The leadership principles align very similarly to those of the Army and the culture and ethos are also the same.” — Alex Hobbs

Dmitri Warriors@2

Dmitri Sapeguin

Pathways Operations Manager, Montreal, QC | 13 Year Army Veteran

“Serving my country was a true privilege and I am very proud of the difference we made in the world. I was impressed by the support that Amazon gives the armed forces and veterans and I am grateful to be an ambassador for Warriors@!” — Dmitri Sapeguin

DmitriIassiovski Warriors@

Dmitri Iassinovski

IB Area Manager, Brampton, ON | 25-Year Army Veteran

“Amazon allowed me to apply the experience I gained in the military in a thrilling work environment centered around productivity and innovation.” — Dmitri Iassinovski