Amazon Web Services (AWS) is laser-focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are taking on some of the world’s most urgent challenges. By powering startups that drive sustainability, innovation and global health solutions, AWS is helping to ensure these astute companies are creating a stronger, smarter future for everyone.

“AWS continues to be the top choice for startups aiming to change the world,” said Patricia Nielsen, Head of Startups at AWS Canada. “Our commitment to rapid iteration — along with the tools and services specifically designed to address the fast-paced startup landscape— empowers these companies to build, enhance and scale their brilliant ideas.”

Keep reading to learn more about how AWS is helping two Québec startups accelerate their development:

BrainBox AI is making buildings smarter — and greener

As a pioneer in the global energy transition, Montreal-based BrainBox AI is changing the game with innovative HVAC technology to make buildings smarter and greener, allowing owners to shrink their carbon footprints.

Omar Tabba Image.

With their core AI for HVAC solution, BrainBox AI connects to building heating and cooling systems and learns how the building evolves with changing climate patterns while also adapting to upgrades or changes in the equipment, enabling up to 25% reduction in HVAC related energy costs and up to 40% reduction in its carbon footprint. 

Leveraging Amazon Bedrock technology, BrainBox AI’s latest innovation – ARIA transforms building data into precise insights and strategic actions in real-time giving facilities professionals the power to make data-driven decisions that optimize their building(s) performance and actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions even further. 

“Using Amazon Bedrock and our internal building data sets together, our new virtual building assistant can gather key data points to make empowered decisions rapidly and efficiently,” Tabba says. 

“For example, we can ask ARIA what the temperature is in my store located in Boston. I can direct it to fetch me the data. Once the information is received, it can analyze it, and act on my behalf. From there, further questions can be asked: why was there a comfort complaint in the store last week? What are the possible remedies? Based on this data, we can then take action.” 

“It’s this type of autonomous and interactive technology that will unlock the power of generative AI to better serve facilities in communities around the world,” he says.

Since BrainBox AI’s launch in 2019, more than 13,000 commercial buildings in over 20 countries have been impacted by their unique and sustainable technology.

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“But the biggest differentiator for us was the team at AWS. The consistent support of the architects allowed us to evolve faster compared to anywhere else. Now, as BrainBox AI begins to reach the level of scale-up, AWS is still with us every step of the way supporting our mission as we continue to grow and scale.”

AlayaCare is using innovative software to enhance the home healthcare industry

The home care industry has exploded over the last decade, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, the healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges, particularly in the home care sector, where labour shortages and slim profit margins are putting a strain on providers.

AlayaCare is on a mission to help people age at home with dignity, since so much research reveals aging people have healthier outcomes remaining at home. It’s aiming to revolutionize the healthcare industry by using transformative software technology spanning clinical documentation, back-office functionality, client and family portals, mobile care worker functionality and more — all designed to improve the quality of home care.

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So how does AWS allow AlayaCare to innovate? 

The company is currently experimenting with generative AI and using Amazon Bedrock to prototype and experiment with different models, Goldapple says.

“We’ve also built optimization tools that help reduce repetitive tasks that slow things down. Our goal is to make it as efficient as possible for providers to deliver care, so that they can focus on the tougher issues at hand.” 

AlayaCare is also using AI to create prediction models to see what people are most at risk, and then building that data into the workflow process to create even further efficiencies. 

“AWS provides us with tremendous storage and security, so we know we have the proper safeguards in place within our software,” Goldapple says. 

Launched in 2014 in Montreal, AlayaCare powers five million visits per month and growing, and services Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand by leveraging several AWS Cloud Regions

Paving the way

With unique products, services and accelerator programs, AWS has played a key role in nurturing innovation in these Québec-based startups. 

“Our scalable and cost-effective infrastructure, and secure generative AI solutions—tailored to specific-use cases—underscores our commitment to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need on every step of their growth trajectory,” Nielsen concludes. “We’re energized by helping startups use these new technologies to turn their dreams into brilliant and momentous realities.”