In the spring of 2024, Amazon employees across Canada participated in two major initiatives: the Global Month of Volunteering in May and Earth Month in April. These efforts were dedicated to driving positive change and promoting environmental consciousness in the communities where they live and work.

Collaborative Efforts for a Greater Cause

In collaboration with hundreds of community organizations worldwide, Amazon employees in Canada led and participated in various volunteering initiatives. These efforts addressed a wide range of issues, from climate change and education to food insecurity. The results from these months were impressive:

  • More than 6,000 volunteers across more than eight Amazon business teams, including AWS, Operations, Amazon Business, Amazon Ads, Alexa, Retail and Amazon Air.
  • Over 5,500 volunteer hours donated.
  • More than 170 community activations.
  • Support for over 90 community organizations.

"Our Global Month of Volunteering and Earth Month initiatives showcase Amazon's dedication to giving back and fostering environmental consciousness. The enthusiasm and commitment our employees have shown in Canada and around the world are truly inspiring. These initiatives highlight the power of our workforce to drive meaningful change and underscore our commitment to corporate social responsibility,” said Michael Weeks, Head of Human Resources, Amazon Canada.

Stories from the Field

YYC4 Food Bank GMV 2024

Our newest robotics fulfilment centre in Calgary – YYC4, began the Global Month of Volunteering by hosting a volunteer session for leaders at the Calgary Drop-in Centre. Leaders sorted supplies donated by the community, performed quality checks, and sorted clothes for distribution.


YYC4 also supported the Breakfast Club of Canada, providing breakfast programs for children in school communities at Beddington Height Elementary School in Calgary. Employees helped set up and deliver breakfast items to classrooms, significantly impacting students’ academic focus and performance.

BCC thank you card
CAPTION: A heartfelt thank-you card from the students is a testament to the positive impact of Amazon's support.

Our fulfilment centre in Scarborough, ON, YYZ9, marked its third consecutive year participating in the Global Month of Volunteering. In partnership with the Mental Health and Well-Being (MHW) employee affinity group for Mental Health Awareness Month, they collaborated with the Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto. Thirteen leaders packed bags of flour, receiving appreciation from Mr. Malik Thomas, the Food Bank Manager. The event highlighted how volunteering can enhance mental health, foster social connections, and provide a sense of purpose.


Employees from our people experience team (PXT) in Vancouver, BC, volunteered at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Their support spanned across different aspect of the operations, working together to help “optimize productivity” to distribute nutritious food packages to over 500 individuals that came through during the day. The food bank provides this critical service to over 15,000 individuals monthly across the city. In Toronto, PXTR employees volunteered at the Red Cross Mobile Food Bank in Ontario, a service delivering food to persons who are unable to access a food bank due to a permanent or temporary disability.

Celebrating Earth Day: Amazon Canada’s Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness

Earth Day, celebrated globally on April 22, highlights the importance of environmental protection. This year, Amazon’s Customer Fulfillment Canada (CAFC) network demonstrated its commitment to this cause by organizing activities to raise awareness and advocate for protecting our planet.

In honor of Earth Month 2024, the customer fulfilment team engaged in various activities, with more than 4,000 participants contributing over 1,000 volunteer hours across over 40 community organizations. These activities fostered a sense of community and underscored the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Climate Pledge
EM 2024 clean up Image
Earth Month Image
YEG2-Wildflower Planting-3
YHM1-Park CleanUp Turner Park Hamilton-3

Participants took part in Wear-It-Green Day, sustainability quizzes, and interactive games focused on environmental themes. Practical efforts included parking lot cleanups, community cleanups, beach cleanups, and trail cleanups, contributing to cleaner and greener local areas.

Additional activities included a sustainability poster contest, the I-Pledge campaign for sustainable daily practices, indoor and outdoor gardening activities, and sustainability swag distribution. Educational sessions on environmental awareness increased understanding of crucial environmental issues and solutions. Participants also distributed seeds and energy-saving bulbs to promote sustainable practices at home. Clothing donation drives and waste recycling initiatives further emphasized the importance of reducing waste and supporting those in need.

Our commitment to environmental protection doesn't end with Earth Month. As we move forward, Amazon Canada continues to prioritize sustainability and environmental initiatives.

JA Business Hall of Fame 2024- Amazon Team Pic

In addition to Amazon’s sustainability efforts and community initiatives, last month, Amazon attended the Junior Achievement Annual Gala and was honoured for its contributions for supporting the non-profit organization which benefits students across Canada. Contributions included facilitating information sessions with more than 60 volunteers in Toronto to support and enhance classroom activities.

The success of this year's Global Month of Volunteering and Earth Month is a testament to the commitment of Amazon and our employees. Initiatives like these reinforce Amazon's dedication to being a positive force in local communities. We look forward to continuing to being good community partners by of giving back and making a difference in the communities where our employees live and work.

To learn more about Amazon’s sustainability efforts and ongoing community initiatives, click here.