On this year’s International Women’s Day, we are proud to spotlight Magda Grace, head of Prime Video, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Magda recently participated in a panel at Maclean’s Idea Summit 2024. The third annual event addressed megatrends in urban mobility, public health, tech, culture and leadership.

Mayor Olivia Chow kicked-off the 2024 Maclean’s Ideas Summit with a keynote addressing the future of Toronto and what we can expect from the country’s largest city in 2024. 

The panel featured a roster of accomplished speakers and compelling conversation on hot topic issues effecting Canadians including revolutionary innovations, concerns of future pandemics, opportunities for new Canadians and the ever-evolving tapestry of societal progress in Canada. The conversation was led by Maclean’s publisher Jason Maghanoy and the featured speakers Clement Virgo, leading Canadian film director; Phil De Luna, chief carbon scientist and head of engineering at Deep Sky; Laura Miller, who leads public policy and communications for Uber in Canada; Dr. Teresa M. Chan, founding dean of Toronto Metropolitan University School of Medicine and vice-president of Medical Affairs; and Prime Video’ Magda Grace.

For further reading on the event please visit: https://macleans.ca/