Amazon and our selling partners work hard to delight customers every day by providing a vast selection of safe and authentic products. We are proud to stand behind every product sold in our store, and want every customer to shop with confidence and peace of mind. The A-to-z Guarantee launched more than 20 years ago to offer customers a hassle-free remediation process for products sold and fulfilled by our selling partners. Customers can continue to contact Amazon directly to request a refund if they are not happy with the delivery or condition of a product purchased in our store, and were not able to resolve the issue directly with the seller. As of May 2024, we expanded the A-to-z Guarantee in Canada to protect customers in the event a defective product purchased in our store results in property damage or personal injury.

Efficient resolution of property damage or personal injury claims

While injury or damage caused by a defective product purchase is rare, we strive to make the resolution of any such claim straightforward and convenient. To simplify this process for our customers and selling partners in Canada, Amazon will facilitate resolution of property damage and personal injury claims between the customer, the selling partner, and their insurance provider. Customers can file a claim by contacting Amazon’s Customer Service, and we will notify the selling partner and help them address the issue. This streamlined process goes beyond Amazon’s legal obligation, and ultimately saves time, money, and effort for all.

The A-to-z Guarantee helps both customers and our selling partners

We expanded the A-to-z Guarantee to resolve personal injury or property damage claims due to a defective product purchased in our store. We believe this claims resolution is the right thing to do for customers and selling partners to ensure a great experience. If a selling partner does not respond to a claim, or rejects a claim we believe to be valid, Amazon will step in to address the immediate customer concern, and separately work with the seller.

When a claim is filed, Amazon combines our advanced fraud and abuse detection systems with external, independent insurance specialists to analyse filings, take on the investigative work for our selling partners, present valid claims, and deny unsubstantiated, frivolous, or abusive claims. By doing this work on behalf of sellers, we save them from having to investigate these claims on their own. Innovating this process enables customers to shop confidently, which in turn drives selling partner success.

Amazon continues to provide an industry-leading shopping experience

Our commitment to customers is longstanding, and customers can shop with confidence knowing that Amazon stands behind all products sold in our store. The A-to-z Guarantee is a cornerstone of that commitment, and to our knowledge, Amazon is the first and only retail store to offer customers this level of purchase protection, and personal injury and property damage coverage.

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