Within the heart of Canada’s diverse workforce lies a special connection nurtured by Amazon – the bond between mothers and their children. With 45,000 dedicated individuals spread across the country, Amazon has become a place where familial ties intertwine with professional growth and opportunity.

Meet Rohit and Jenny — YYZ9 Associates, Son and Mother Duo

Rohit's journey with Amazon began in September 2020, when he joined as an associate at our YYZ9 fulfilment center in Scarborough, ON. Having just graduated from an electrical engineering program six month prior to joining Amazon, it was difficult for him find a job in his related field during the pandemic.

Rohit’s mother Jenny encouraged him to check-out the job opportunities Amazon had to offer. Living just a five-minute drive away from the YYZ9 fulfilment centre, he was drawn to Amazon not only by its proximity, but also by the promising workplace environment and benefits it offered.

Rohit YYZ9 Employee

Impressed by the supportive colleagues, continuous learning opportunities, and positive work environment, Rohit quickly found himself thriving at Amazon and has since grown his career through various roles. Recognizing the potential for both his brother, Denish, and his mother, Jenny, to also benefit from these opportunities, Rohit encouraged them to join Amazon. 

Denish was intrigued, and shortly after applying, he began his career with Amazon in November 2020 working the night shift at YYZ9. For Jenny, despite being apprehensive about leaving her job of 20 years at a bakery located over an hour away, she was intrigued by the prospect of working close to home alongside her son, the benefits available to her and the stability that Amazon offered.

Jenny YYZ9 3 Pack
Jenny YYZ9 2 Pack
Jenny YYZ9 Packing

In December 2020, Jenny took the leap and joined YYZ9, embracing the new challenges and opportunities that came with it. Together, Jenny and Rohit navigated their Amazon journey, finding fulfillment in their synchronized schedules, shared lunch breaks, and the opportunity to commute together every day. 

Jenny and Rohit YYZ9 Lunch Break
Rohit and Jenny YYZ9 Lunch Break

Reflecting on her experience, Jenny shares, "Joining Amazon was a big change for me, but seeing my son thrive here made it all worth it. The supportive environment, benefits, and opportunity to work alongside my son have made this journey incredibly rewarding."

Meet Liliana YVR3 – Area Manager, Mother of Two

Liliana's journey as a mother at Amazon has been dynamic and fulfilling, thanks to Amazon’s commitment to flexibility and support. Opting for the night shift option proved invaluable during her children's early years, allowing her to prioritize their needs while still pursuing her career. 

Liliana and Children Image

The four-day schedule provided by Amazon struck the perfect balance between work and family life for Liliana, granting her precious moments to cherish with her loved ones. One particularly memorable experience Liliana holds on to was during an employee event when she brought her daughter for a site visit. “Witnessing my daughter's excitement as she interacted with my colleagues and explored the place where I work filled me with immense pride and happiness,” recounts Liliana.

Liliana and Family Image

Meet Daman YVR3 – Process Assistant, Mother of Two

Daman embarked on her Amazon journey in 2017 and received support and benefits from Amazon, which proved invaluable when she had her first child 6 months after joining Amazon and again in 2023, when she welcomed her second child. 

"The support from Amazon's Leave of Absence team helped me quickly get my leaves in place, with parenting leave and top-up pay along with employment insurance. Flexible shift times and a shortened schedules to accommodate my needs made all the difference," Daman shares. 

These benefits continue to help Daman lead a fulfilling and balanced life with her kids and family, showcasing Amazon's commitment to supporting working parents at every stage of their journey. 

Through flexibility, support, and shared experiences, mothers like Jenny, Liliana and Daman find fulfillment and balance in their roles at Amazon, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture. 

Amazon offers a range of great benefits that support employees. These comprehensive benefits begin on day one and include health care coverage, paid parental leave, ways to save for the future, and other resources to improve health and well-being.

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