Meet Zue Anne and John

Zue Anne and John are based in Nisku, Alberta, where they both work in ‘last mile’ delivery, helping customer orders get to their destination.

Zue Anne and John Amazonian Couple

When they launched their careers at Amazon, they were almost 10,000 miles apart. Zue Anne started out as a Customer Service associate in Grand Forks, North Dakota, while John had a similar role in Cape Town, South Africa. Two years later, their paths crossed in Cape Town, where they both worked as Customer Service managers in Amazon's operations network. A chance conversation sparked their connection, leading to a romance that led to marriage in Zue Anne’s hometown of Rizal, Philippines. Their international journey then took them to Canada, where they have been pivotal in driving success within Amazon’s local delivery network for the past three years.

Working together at Amazon allowed both of us to grow in our individual careers and together as partners. It is great to have someone who understands what makes Amazon unique. The best part is being able to bounce off ideas and insights with someone who has a good understanding of the work that we do and also because we tend to have differing views and perspectives on certain topics.
John Scott
Sr. Program Manager of Associate Training – 10+ year Amazonian

Meet Shreya and Ankur

Shreya and Ankur met in 2018, while working in Amazon Logistics (AMZL). Their shared career journey not only strengthened their bond but also provided them with invaluable insights into each other's lives.

Working at Amazon has helped us with great contextual awareness of our professional lives: we are in an excellent position to offer guidance and assistance to one another. We will always be happy that we joined Amazon as we were able to find our better half and a partner for life.
Ankur Mohan
Operations Manager at DVC4 – 4+ year Amazonian

Meet Jaesel and Shawn

Jaesel and Shawn started as seasonal associates at YYZ1, Amazon’s first Canadian fulfilment centre, located in Mississauga, Ontario. Their journey from seasonal associates to being promoted to Area Managers reflects the opportunities for career growth and learning at Amazon. Shawn, currently serving as an Area Manager at the DCG4 delivery station in Calgary, and Jaesel, who has the same role at the YYC6 AMXL fulfilment centre, appreciate the flexibility that allows them to develop their careers while maintaining a balanced life outside of work.

Shawn and Jaesel Amazonian Couple

 We enjoy working at Amazon as it always contains opportunities to execute our skills and talents while allowing us to grow and learn continuously in our professional and personal lives. We appreciate the flexibility and adaptiveness of Amazon that allows us to develop our careers while allowing us to have the support we need to have a balanced life outside of work.
Shawn Buis
Area Manager at DCG4 – 8+ year Amazonian

Meet Brittanee and Chris

Brittanee and Chris' story began in the Safety Department at Amazon's YVR4 fulfilment centre in Delta, British Columbia. Their serendipitous connection blossomed into a romantic relationship. As they approach their second anniversary, they successfully balance their personal and professional lives.

Britt and Chris Amazonian Couple

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