To celebrate Pride Month, Amazon Canada is shining light on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond, through a series of educational initiatives and unique opportunities for employees to get involved in 2SLGBTQ+ celebrations in communities across the country.

“We are always working to find new ways to empower our workforce, and provide opportunities to partake in initiatives that both support and celebrate members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community,” says Derek Hooey, Amazon Area Manager and Glamazon Lead. “Under the umbrella of Stronger Together we are thrilled to celebrate the power of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and voices through a series of initiatives throughout Canada during Pride Month.”

A photo of a crowd of people standing in front of an Amazon banner at the 2022 Amazon Toronto Pride parade.

Scarlett Bobo Fulfillment Centre Tour and Drag 101 for Employees

Canada’s Drag Race alumni Scarlett BoBo visited the company’s YYZ1 facility to tour the operations, educate employees about the power of drag, and host a Drag 101 for employees. On June 26, she joined 200 local Amazon employees from the company’s Glamazon affinity group to march in the Toronto Pride Parade.

“I am so excited to be a part of the 2022 Pride Toronto parade with Amazon,” said Scarlett Bobo. “It’s also great that I’ll get to spend time with 2SLGBTQ+ employees and allies through Glamazon. It’s amazing to see a corporation like Amazon investing in diversity in the office and in the community.”

Glamazon Affinity Group

Glamazon is one of the 14 affinity groups at Amazon that helps connect, support, and empower communities of employees across the globe. The affinity group aims to raise awareness about 2SLGBTQ+ issues and promote opportunities for engagement both inside and outside the company through mentorship and social gatherings, year-round. There are currently more than 40 Glamazon chapters around the world, including both corporate and operational chapters in Toronto.

“We are always working to find new ways to empower our workforce and partake in initiatives that both support and celebrate members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community,” said Hooey, “We are excited to partner with Scarlett Bobo to provide our team with a fun and educational experience during Pride Month.”

Toronto Pride Parade

Amazon’s 2022 Toronto Pride Parade float was developed in partnership with local 2SLGBTQ+ ally and artist, Natalie Very B. The float was designed to depict the Glamazon ethos of diversity, equity and inclusion. Natalie was selected to design the float due to her commitment to educating people about the importance of anti-oppressive practices and promotion of self-love and body neutrality in the world.

“I am passionate about using art to empower people, so it’s an honour to have been invited to create these big, bold, and colourful designs for Glamazon's Pride parade float,” said Natalie Very B. “I hope that my illustrations inspire viewers to accept and love themselves, just the way they are. I want people to be able to see themselves represented in public art. My designs aim to spread the spirit of diversity and inclusion while bringing whimsy and magic to the parade.”

Catered Lunch from 2SLGBTQ+-led Company, Kitchenette Toronto

In advance of the parade, Amazon employees gathered to enjoy lunch from local 2SLGBTQ+ catering company, Kitchenette Toronto.

“The pandemic has been extremely hard for restaurants, bars and catering companies,” said Jimmy Georgoulis, Co-owner of Kitchenette Toronto. “So when companies like Amazon partner with small businesses like ours, especially catering companies who operate in the 2SLGBTQ community, it makes a huge impact.”

Ongoing Initiatives to Celebrate Pride Month

Throughout the month of June, Amazon hosted a series of planned Pride-focused activities in fulfillment centres across the country, including educational sessions surrounding the history and importance of Pride, 2SLGBTQ+ trivia and bingo, a RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party, catered Pride-themed snacks and more!