Measuring 2.8 million square feet with more than 1,500 employees, the new facility joins four other Amazon fulfilment centres in the province, offering in-demand skills training and career growth opportunities while leveraging cutting-edge technology to speed up order fulfilment, creating a safer, more efficient workplace.

“Amazon is thrilled to invest in Calgary while benefiting our employees, customers, and the community,” said Sushant Jha, General Manager at YYC4. “Through the ingenuity of our Amazon Robotics technology, we are creating new career paths and development opportunities. At the same time, we are delivering to customers at our fastest speeds ever with our safest, most sophisticated, and most advanced operations network.”


Robots and Employees: A Collaborative Effort

At Amazon Robotics fulfilment centres like YYC4, employees work alongside automated systems and robots to pick, pack, and ship customer orders. This collaboration enhances safety and efficiency while providing employees with hands-on training to develop new, in-demand career skills.

“By using robots, we can help employees with tasks that involve heavy lifting or repetitive movements,” said Jha. “We pilot and implement technology with the goal of increasing safety, improving our employee experience, and delivering for our customers.”

Amazon has invested over $1 billion globally in safety initiatives since 2019, with more than $750 million allocated in 2024 alone for technologies, resources, training, and programs to enhance safety efforts.

“I've learned a lot working with Amazon Robotics. The goal isn't just to master new technology, but to chart a whole new career path,” said Danielle Olliviere, Learning Trainer at YYC4. “Seeing my colleagues embrace this innovation has been really inspiring for me as a learning trainer. We're not just keeping up with the times - we're shaping the future.”

Here’s a look at just some of the Amazon Robotics technology used at YYC4:

RWC4: This robotic arm sorts totes by destination and builds pallets, streamlining logistics within the facility.

RWC4 Robot at FC

Kermit: An Autonomously Guided Cart (AGC), Kermit tows empty totes throughout the facility, adjusting its speed and route as needed. By handling physical tasks, Kermit allows employees to focus on roles that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

"Kermit" moves empty totes at an Amazon fulfillment center

CW 1000: The CW 1000 uses AI to cut cardboard boxes that fit the dimensions of various items. With the ability to build a custom box every 3.5 seconds, the CW 1000’s automatic system aims to reduce waste in packaging.

Fulfilled by Amazon, Inspired by Opportunity

Amazon workplaces are made up of individuals from various backgrounds, fostering a friendly and inclusive community where everyone feels valued. This diversity allows employees to learn from each other and grow both personally and professionally.

Fulfilled by Amazon, Inspired by Opportunity / Opportunités inspirantes : s'épanouir chez Amazon

Let’s meet some of the employees at YYC4 who have been inspired by opportunity thanks to Amazon's commitment to innovation and development.

Meet Danielle

Fulfilled by Amazon, Inspired by Opportunity – Meet Danielle

Danielle is a trainer who takes pride in greeting new hires and transfers. She ensures they are well-prepared through certified job training, fostering a knowledgeable workforce. Danielle loves the dynamic environment where robots assist in daily tasks, creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

Meet Jenna

Fulfilled by Amazon, Inspired by Opportunity - Meet Jenna

Jenna is a Loss Prevention Specialist who shares her feelings of fulfilment in her role and sees numerous career paths within loss prevention. She highlights that, even without a specific background, Amazon provides the opportunity to increase one’s knowledge and skills, enabling career advancement. Jenna values the comprehensive benefits and the chance to learn and build confidence while interacting with diverse colleagues.

Meet Lorelee

Fulfilled by Amazon, Inspired by Opportunity – Meet Lorelee

Lorelee, a Process Assistant at Amazon’s robotics fulfilment centre in Calgary, Alberta, shares her journey toward building confidence and maintaining operational efficiency. Balancing work and family life, Lorelee benefits from Amazon’s comprehensive support, including essential benefits and career development opportunities. She finds fulfilment in working with robotics and achieving goals within a supportive team environment.

Career Development and Benefits

Aligned with our commitment to becoming Earth's Best Employer, Amazon offers extensive career development opportunities and benefits. Eligible operations employees can access educational programs like Career Choice, enabling them to upskill and advance their careers in high-demand fields such as Transportation, Technology, Administration, and Business Services. Over 5,500 employees have enrolled in Career Choice to date, with Amazon covering up to 95% of tuition and fees.

Amazon employees receive competitive benefits, including medical, vision, and dental coverage, along with a group RRSP plan. Our step plan compensation model ensures planned pay increases every six months until the 24-month mark, with another increase at 36 months. Employees can also earn referral bonuses for candidates hired for eligible positions.

Interested in joining the YYC4 team in Calgary? Explore available opportunities here.

Fun Facts About YYC4

To put the size of the new fulfilment centre in perspective:

  • Calgary Tower: The Calgary Tower stands at 626 feet tall and has an observation deck of about 3,255 square feet. Given the square footage of the building, roughly 798 Calgary Towers could fit inside the new 2.8 million square foot Amazon robotics fulfilment centre.
  • Scotiabank Saddledome: Home to the NHL’s Calgary Flames, the Saddledome can seat approximately 19,000 people. Approximately 68.4 Saddledomes, or around 153 hockey rinks, could fit inside the new fulfilment centre.
Brandon James YYC4 First Receive

The first item received at YYC4 was a Blue Lizard Kids SPF 50 Stick handled by employee Brenden James.

Have you ever wondered what kind of robots work at Amazon fulfilment centres? Meet the robotic team and the people around them working every day to keep things moving here!