We want to make it easier for Amazonians to pursue their aspirations, but it can be difficult in this economy to have the flexibility and financial resources to teach yourself new skills. So we offer our hourly employees the Career Choice program, a pre-paid tuition program.

Since the program started in 2012, more than 50,000 Amazon employees around the world have participated in Career Choice and received training for high-demand occupations, including aircraft mechanics, computer-aided designers, commercial truck drivers, medical assistants, nurses, and more.

Beginning January 1, 2022, our Career Choice program will expand in the U.S. to pay full college tuition for employees at hundreds of education partners across the country. In addition to funding associate and bachelor's degrees, Amazon's Career Choice also funds high school completion, GEDs, and ESL proficiency certifications.

The program will be available to Amazon hourly employees who have been employed for 90 days. Employees have access to annual funds for education as long as they remain at the company, with no limit to the number of years they can benefit.

We also have an approved partner network of educators and employers that employees can access. Career Choice has a rigorous selection process for partner schools. We work directly with employers and agencies to identify in-demand jobs in specific locations, to attract a ready pool of skilled graduates.

Because of the great interest in Career Choice, we've built 110 onsite classrooms so college and technical classes can be taught inside our fulfillment centers, making employees' participation in Career Choice even more seamless by reducing the need to commute to classes.

Outside of the U.S., Career Choice covers 95% of tuition and fees for hourly employees in Canada, the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Costa Rica, Slovakia, and Australia.

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