Amazon employees gave their children an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into the magic that happens at a local fulfilment centre during the holiday season.

The experience was captured in a video that shares the children’s impressions of what they think their parents do, and their excitement at seeing Amazon’s logistics in action.

Hugo x Noah

Noah got to visit his dad Hugo, and was amazed by what his dad does every day. “It's fun to see him here, talk about my job and what we do,” said Hugo.

JF and Daughters

Jean-Francois showed his three daughters, Laurie-Anne, Maéva and Alexa, how Amazon employees are creating magic for millions of customer this holiday season. “I'm proud of him…he’s a good dad and a good person also,” said Laurie-Anne.

“It's always good to see our kids talk about us, without us being present, see what their perceptions are,” said Jean Francois.

Tanya x Nathaniel x Nya

Nathaniel and Nya got to see firsthand how their mom, Amazon employee Tanya, is helping make this season bright. “She's a nurse, so she gives… she helps people. I'm proud of my mom because, if I can't do something, she'll just come and help me,” said Nya when describing her mother’s importance at work and at home.

“It's nice to see that they see me as someone who helps people,” said Tanya, after hearing what her children said about their visit.

Ivana x Elizabeth

Elizabeth considers her mom Ivana to be just like Santa's helper. “She's nice because she delivers packages for people,” said Elizbeth, when asked what she thinks about her mom’s role at Amazon.

Magatte x Cheikh
Sandra x Christian

Christian was completely amazed when he visited his mother Sandra at work. When describing a picture he drew of his mother, Christian said, “It's about my mom helping the kids get their presents… I'm proud that she's spreading joy around the world.”

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