Fatherhood, much like leadership, brings immense joy and a profound sense of responsibility. Both require a balancing act made possible with the right support network. Meet three Amazon leaders, Sushant, Osman and Jean Francois, and discover their experiences of navigating their fatherhood journey while thriving in their professional roles.

Sushant: Leveraging Benefits for Family and Career Growth

Sushant’s journey with Amazon began in 2015 when he moved from Alberta to Ontario, newly married and seeking new opportunities. Starting as an Area Manager, he appreciated Amazon’s comprehensive benefits plan from day one, which included health care coverage and paid parental leave.These benefits supported him through significant life changes, including the birth of his two sons, now aged 4 and 2-years-old.

Sushant and Children on Merry-go-round

Sushant leveraged Amazon’s parental leave program to be present for his children’s births. His career grew alongside his family, culminating in his promotion in 2024 to General Manager at YYC4, Amazon’s newest robotics fulfillment centre in Calgary. “My kids think I go to work so I can pack their toys in Amazon boxes and send them home,” he shares humorously. The family enjoys hiking trips over weekends, and Sushant looks forward to exploring the Canadian Rockies with his young boys.

Osman: Finding Balance and Cherishing Moments

Osman became a father fourteen years ago, a moment that redefined his life priorities. Today, he is a proud father of four children – three boys aged 14, 9, and 2, and a 3-year-old daughter. Before joining Amazon, Osman struggled with work-life balance as a plant manager for an aerospace company. Transitioning to Amazon in 2022, he found a company that values its people and emphasizes spending quality time with family.

Osman and Family Photo

Osman’s role at Amazon allows him to be present for his children’s milestones, from sporting events to homework help. “My greatest joy comes from witnessing the growth and achievements of my children,” he says. The emphasis on work-life balance at Amazon enables him to cherish these fleeting but precious moments.

Jean-Francois: Embracing Change and Managing Time

In 2017, Jean Francois was a plant manager for an aerospace company in Montreal when Amazon reached out to him. Intrigued, he engaged in conversations and was particularly drawn to Amazon’s Leadership Principles. These principles, which include Customer Obsession, Ownership, Invent and Simplify, and Bias for Action, resonated deeply with him. He realized that his current company did not embody the same culture and values that Amazon promoted.

Jean Francois decided to attend an interview event at Amazon’s YYZ4 site. He was impressed by the sheer scale of the operations and the alignment of the people he met with Amazon’s Leadership Principles. Feeling a strong connection, he accepted the offer to become Canada’s Regional Maintenance Manager (RMM), even though his wife was pregnant with their fourth child. Remarkably, they named their daughter Alexa, not realizing the name’s significance within Amazon.

JF and Daughters

Jean-Francois’s role at Amazon has been both inspiring and rewarding. As an RMM, he has led teams across multiple sites, and consistently strived to deliver outstanding customer experiences while taking care of employees. He finds motivation in Amazon’s environment, the opportunity to impact lives positively, and the ever-present spirit of Day 1, where every day brings new challenges and innovations.

Jean-Francois emphasizes the importance of time management in balancing his role at Amazon with his responsibilities as a father to four children, including two teenagers, a 10-year-old, and a 6-year-old. “Every day is day 1 at Amazon,” he says. “We work hard, but the rewards are high, and the benefits allow me to take great care of my kids.” For Jean Francois, being present for each of his children is non-negotiable, and he tailors his attention to meet their individual needs.

For Sushant, Osman and Jean-Francois Amazon provides an environment where they can thrive professionally while being dedicated fathers. Our company culture, benefits, and support systems make it possible for them to balance their demanding roles with the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood. Their stories highlight that with the right support, it is possible to excel in both domains, creating a fulfilling life both at work and at home.

To all fathers striving to balance work and family life, remember that these moments with your children are fleeting, no pun intended, but will forever be etched in their hearts and memories. Cherish them, and Happy Father’s Day!

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